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Cessna 421 C

DA41 TwinStar


Pannon Air Service Ltd 

We restart our trainings !

Dear Pilots, Instructors, Students,

The ITM has issued a Guide with instructions to be followed regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.







TRIG TT21 mode S ADSB Out transponder from


TRIG TY91 8,33 COM



Time building

DV20 12 hours                1 399 €

ATPL online  course      2 399 €


DA40 G1000 PPL       

12 499 €


Online training course, online progress tests, 30 hours ground school. The price does not include the exam fees.

PPL 7 999 € (self study, includes landing fees at Tököl/LHTL, does not include the medical and authority exam fees) - trainer type Diamond DV20 Katana

NEW! LAPL  5 699 € - Light Aeroplane Pilot Licence